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Door Access

Access control systems are installed to allow you to manage the movement of people into, around and out of buildings.

Commercial buildings can use a door access system to prevent unauthorised people accessing their office or building. Domestic customers may want to use the door access on security gates or if they have a flat/apartment and only want to allow people to access the building after entering a security code.

Audio door entry systems provide an audio communication between two or more points. Visitors can press a call button which will ring through to a phone, this can then be answered and the user can decide whether to allow access to the visitor.

We offer a wide range of conventional & digital hard-wired door entry systems and our panels can be tailored to fit the exact requirement of your site.

Door Access Equipment

Outside Security Lighting

Outside Security Lighting

Outside Security Lighting

Multi Entry Phones

Video Door Entry

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Wireless DECT Door Entry

Dect Door Entry

This wireless dual function Door Intercom Telephone and Doorbell System is ideal for the home or office. When your doorbell rings you can safely and conveniently answer it from anywhere within your home using the DECT telephone handset. With no wiring required between the intercom/doorbell and the Indoor Base Station, this DECT telephone intercom system is quick and easy to install and set-up. Long operating range of up to 300 metres between Telephone Handset and intercom/doorbell.

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