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Security lighting welcomes visitors and deters intruders by eluminating the outside of your home so that it is visible to your neighbours and passers by. This can prevent opportunist burglars from trying to enter your home as they feel they may be seen by someone.

There are different type of security lighting which usually fall into the following categories:

– Timer Operated

These devices can be set to light your home at different times of the day and can be controlled from the comfort of your own home.

– Manually Operated

These lights are manually turned on and off by a switch, this may lead to a waste of electricity if the light is turned on through daylight hours.

– Dusk Til Dawn Lighting

This method of lighting works great as the lamp stays on during the hours of darkness and goes off when it starts to get light.

– Movement Sensor Operated

The most common form of lighting which is operated by a halogen lamp. The light turns on when motion is detected by the sensor.

Outside Security Lighting At Home

Outside Security Lighting

Outside Security Lighting

Outside Security Lighting

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